You need to find it and nurture it

We strongly believe you have all it takes to make the world a better place and this is where it starts

I was supposed to have a rough childhood after losing dad at a very tender age leaving mum with four kids to cater for all by herself. Mum could not handle it and it affected her mentally. During this trying time, the family came through for the 4 of us, a not so familiar feat to have family members fight to take responsibilities for children that are not theirs – what manner of love!

Interestingly, I had a wonderful childhood, built on the foundation of love; a foundation that has led me to this position I am to lead and inspire others to be better individuals in their career paths, businesses and the society at large. This is the purpose of this Academy – to help people take responsibility for themselves and others; to fight not only to be the best in the world but to help others become the best in the world also.

The mission is possible

Ajewole Oluwatoni

Principal, The Smart Academy


The Smart Academy is a series of independent workshops designed to help those who are bold enough to become a better version of themselves enough to challenge the status quo, create change and take the lead. We strongly believe that you have all it takes to make the world a better place and this is where it starts!

Why Us

We do not take pride in the knowledge within our reach; neither do we pride in the fact that we give quality bits of advice and guidance. We believe you can get that anywhere. What you cannot get anywhere else is the emotional labour we exert in seeing every participant become better versions of themselves.

Our Vision

To raise a generation who will bring about massive changes in their fields.

There are no Secrets

Everything we do is made public. We do not have any special or superpower.

No comfort

To become the best, it takes much effort on your part that will require you to leave your comfort zone. At the Smart Academy, you get to witness such a form of discomfort where you are put on your feet every time to deliver.

No compliance

We herald each participant’s creativity. We are not looking for people who will be told what to do; neither are we training people who have to be told what to do. Instead, we train you to take the initiative. To take the lead. To cause a ruckus

Emotional Labour

Maybe we have a secret after all but a secret is no longer a secret if it is let out of the bag. At the Smart Academy, we take great pride in the amount of emotional labour we exert in seeing that our goal is achieved. Most importantly, we want every participant to learn from us and go out there to exert even more emotional labour in anything they do.


What students say

1. You Are a Miracle

We have been waiting for you. A lot of us, waiting for this day to come when you will stand to take the lead. The day where you will take responsibility for the work that matters. We know you won't fail. Miracles never.

2. You have Something Special to Offer

You do. Maybe you have found it but do not know how to go about it or you are yet to find it. But it doesn't change the fact that you have something to offer. A lot of us are ready to place a bet. We just need you to decide to do something remarkable

3. Average is not your place

You are not designed to be designated as average. You are a super star. You are the best in the world. Guess what? We are rooting for you and we are so certain that we would not be disappointed. Remember, average is not your place.